Consumer Deception at a Young Age

In an era where accounting fraud is now official government policy, and a CEO , Corzine, who oversaw the theft of billions won’t face prosecution, it is no surprise that deceptive practices have extended to almost every level of our corporate world.

So, let’s imagine a company in a challenging retail environment that wanted to issue coupons (so that customers would think they were getting a bonus at the check-out counter), but also wished to ensure that virtually none of these coupons would actually be used. 

In such a world, we’d get something like this:

This coupon was issued on July 20. Note that it is not effective for nearly a month; and many customers would lose this small piece of paper before then.

And even if the customer retained the coupon that long, the fine print excludes almost anything in the store that the customer would want to buy. 


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